Life on Juniper

Posted by Luke Black in Films on July 15th, 2014

Following reports of a mysterious crash, an aging farmer encounters a visitor who disrupts his quiet way of life.


Run Time:
15:30 min

Cedric Smith, Barbara Gordon, Korina Rothery

Director: Mark Ratzlaff, Writers: Mark Ratzlaff & Kaveh Mohebbi, Producers: Courtenay Bainbridge & Luke Black, Editor: Maureen Grant, Director of Photography: Lindsay George, Production Designer: Erika Lobko, Composers: Joseph MurrayLodewijk Vos

What Doesn’t Kill You

Posted by Luke Black in Films on July 15th, 2014

Three bullied high school seniors get in a horrific car accident and discover they have the ability to reappear completely healed after they die.


Run Time:
12 min

Connor Jessup, Alex Harrouch, Aidan Greene

Director: Rob Grant, Writers: Rob Grant & Stu Marks, Producers: Peter Harvey & Luke Black, Editor: Victor C.H. Fan, Director of Photography: Greg Biskup, Production Designer: Luke Pryshlak, Composers: Joseph Murray, Lodewijk Vos & Matthew O’Halloran

This Lemon Tastes of Apples by Hiwa K

Posted by Luke Black in Other People's Work on April 16th, 2014

This documentary piece by artist Hiwa K is one of the most compelling and tense works I’ve seen at the 2014 Images Festival. During protests in the Iraqi city of Sulaimany, Hiwa K plays the harmonica theme from Once Upon a Time in the West, accompanied by a guitar, over megaphones as a rallying song for the protesters. He and his team march through the crowds toward the armed militia as they use tear gas and fire into the protesters. It is a truly a remarkable document about a little heard about uprising (that was swiftly put down) in April of 2011.

Mexico by Mike Hoolboom & Steve Sanguedolce

Posted by Luke Black in Other People's Work on December 8th, 2013

On Friday, I dropped in on curated screening called Re-visioning Cultural Encounters presented by the Pleasure Dome programming collective. At the end of the programme was a film from 1992 that I really enjoyed.

Entitled Mexico, the best way I can think of describing it is as a fantastical and quite possibly insane travelogue about a journey through Mexico. It is equal parts funny, hypnotic and fascinating.

A streaming version of the film is available to watch here.

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Stephen Dunn

Posted by Luke Black in Other People's Work on December 2nd, 2013

Christmas came early!
I saw this short film at the University of Regina’s Living Skies Film Festival last year and now it is available online for everyone.

Directed by the talented Stephen Dunn and starring the always fantastic Gordon Pinsent, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me is a beautiful and funny short film about growing up.

Highly recommended viewing!
Check it out below.

For A Limited Time Only – Shorts from TIFF 2013: Part 1

Posted by Luke Black in Other People's Work on September 11th, 2013

I’ve had a chance to see a few of the Canadian shorts packages at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. Not only have the short films in those packages have been absolutely top notch but TIFF has also placed some of them on YouTube for a limited time.

Here is a selection of some of the great work being showcased. I’ll (probably) do a follow up after I’ve seen a few more of the shorts packages … but be quick! They won’t be online for long.

Directed by Randall Okita

Directed by Fantavious Fritz

Directed by Luke Higginson and produced by William Woods

Directed by Ryan Flowers

Directed by Yael Staav


Instead of following this post up with a “Part 2″, I just got really sick and all the shorts are now (more or less) offline.
Maybe next year!

Matthew Rankin is the best

Posted by Luke Black in Other People's Work on August 13th, 2013

So it turns out, I am a big fan of Matthew Rankin.

I’ve loved his work for years, I’ve just never known all these films related back to the same artist.

But now that I do – and in honour of him winning the Bite Comedy Award at the NSI Online Short Film Festival (which was the catalyst for this post) – here is a mini-presentation of my favourite Matthew Rankin films.

I Dream of Driftwood

Cattle Call - Co-directed with Mike Maryniuk

Tabula Rasa

Dad Mud by Johanna Haeseker and Jake Robinson

Posted by Luke Black in Other People's Work on June 19th, 2013

Animator Johanna Haeseker came to my attention when she won an animation contest for one of my favourite podcasts WireTap.

Now she and writer Jake Robinson have a new animated short based on the morbidly funny true story of the scattering of Robinson’s grandfather’s ashes – Dad Mud.

It is pretty great!
Check it out:

Underground Film Journal mentions Beef Barley Brothers

Posted by Luke Black in Uncategorized on June 19th, 2013

Mike Everleth of Underground Film Journal did a write-up on Beef Barley Brothers.

Even cooler!
It is a pretty flattering assessment of the film for all involved.

Check it out here:
Underground Film – Short Film: Beef Barley Brothers

Beef Barley Brothers

Posted by Luke Black in Films on February 20th, 2013

Steve, a self-involved 9-to-5-er, attempts an act of charity by taking a homeless man to lunch. However, when his fantasy of charity doesn’t match the reality, the dynamics between the two unlikely “friends” begins to shift.

2012 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, 2012 Boomtown Film & Music Festival, 2012 Sunscreen Film Festival, 2012 Snake Alley Festival of Film, 2012 Weyauwega International Film Festival, 2012 Ionian International Digital Film Festival, 2013 Jaipur International Film Festival

Runtime: 10:16

Cast: Jayson Therrien, Josh Bertwistle, Deborah Scullion, Mitch Barany

Director: Luke Black, Writer: Chris Turtle, Producers: Christopher Hutchens, Marc Vandergraaf & Luke Black, Associate Producer: Matt Watterworth, Director of Photography: Jamie Wensley, Editor: Don Gyryluk, Key Grip: Vasco Jesus Maria, Assistant Directors: James Reckseidler & Christopher Hutchens, Location Sound: Alex Mitchell, Sound Editor: Graydon Johnston, Costume Designer: Tara Charran, Makeup Artist: Laurena Pollock, Graphic Design: Jeremy Pollock

Song – “I Wish You All The Happiness” – Written and performed by Calvin Becker –